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KEYNOTE: Become a “Content Investigator” with Sarah Panus


Session Details

  • Date: March 2, 2022
  • Time: 7:15 pm to 7:35 pm
  • Sarah Panus, from Kindred Speak, is our Keynote Speaker for Day Two.

    Sarah is a Brand Story Telling Strategist and promises an entertaining and informative session to finish day two.

    Data + empathy-driven storytelling content helps attract upper-funnel leads that drive lower-funnel business results.

    Learn the power of combining data + empathy-filters to help teams create better-performing content that drives action.

    For a more holistic understanding of your target audience, and to make yourself more valuable inside your organization, Sarah shares how to think like a “Content Investigator”.  Learn how to combine social data/listening insights with SEO, paid media, customer loyalty programs, and internal customer insights to inform company content plans.

    Using data like this positions social analysts and brand marketing professionals as go-to resources inside the organization because you’re breaking down silos and giving value to multiple teams across the company.


    • Sarah Panus Brand Story Telling Strategist Kindred Speak

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